Pink postcards 26

K. Timó 1st
Marching Regiment
Martini Battalion
Bányay Company
Post 350


To the honored Miss Antonia Zajác
3rd district, Kis-Korona Street 52.

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My dear son6 August

Today I received your letter, in which you write really so dejectedly that I was almost shocked. Don’t be so weak-hearted, and do not worry about my destiny, as I do not have the least problem. And if you saw what a good place I have, I know you would calm down. And I write every day, so please you also write always as much as now. I cannot write any news from here, because there is none, and I cannot write so amply that you would understand everything.

The latest news, that Warsaw is ours, we knew already thirty minutes after the events, that is, Thursday at noon.

I hope you are relaxed after this.

A million kisses, Károly

[The Central Powers realize their most successful campaigns in the Russian theater of war.

The Gorlice breakthrough has brought the strategically desirable result. The enemy forces have been squeezed out from almost the entire territory of Galicia.

Przemyśl and Lember were recaptured, and Ivangorod and Warsaw in the north were also captured. The occupation of Vilnius seemed to be a nearing reality.

It was at this time that the Höferiades might have approached the closest the reality of the events in the theaters of war.]

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The Gorlice-Tarnów breakthrough, and the Russian retreat, August 1915

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