Last minute Lemberg

Within five days, on Thursday morning our next tour will start to Lemberg/Lwów and its environs. A week ago we have published the detailed program and opened a Facebook event page to publish the latest information. The final deadline for registration was yesterday evening, and on the basis of preliminary applications a minibus was going to be full. Therefore, once I was in Drohobycz at the Bruno Schulz conference, I personally went over to Lwów to book our accommodation, because in my experience in the Ukraine it is better to personally take care of every detail.

Yesterday, however, four of those who had promised their participation for granted, canceled it in the last minute. Therefore, to recoup at least for a part of the costs, we advertise a last minute action: four seats in our Budapest-Lemberg bus, from 20 to 23 September, for only 160 euros instead of the original 190. If you hesitate, read our earlier Lemberg reports on our travel page, and you’ll see you will not be able to resist.

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