The Library of a Nation

We have already pointed it out that Google translator does not really behave as a translating machine, but rather as a robot came to life, or as the doorkeeper of an Indian maharaja who perfectly handles the courtesy formulas in all languages. And that this eunuch of an extraordinary ability exactly knows what is due to whom not only in the world languages, is well demonstrated by the following example.

Select the Hungarian-English option of Google Translator. Copy/type in the left-side/Hungarian field the name of the Hungarian National Library: “Széchényi Könyvtár”. Check how this is translated by the doorkeeper. As a counter-check, delete the last letter “r”. Now write it back. Here you are.

2 comentarios:

Rupert Neil Bumfrey dijo...

At last our Empire is in command over the Google domain.

Are there libraries other than British? ;-)

Effe dijo...

stesso risultato, ma doppiamente assurdo, nelle traduzioni Ungherese-Italiano, o Francese: British Library.
L'assurdo sta nel fatto che in italiano e in francese la falsa traduzione è resa comunque in inglese: egemonia delle librerie e dell'idioma britannici!