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Effe dijo...

I've had a look to Wood s lot (well, there is a door, why not to get in?)
And there I found a Bruno Schulz's drawing.
Certain things return and return eternally.
So, I put here a link to an old article about Bruno Schulz opera and the Talmud. Not sure how correct that theory is, but it sounds interesting to me.
Yes, I know, I'm totally off topic.
But there is a door, and I opened it.
a Living Schulz:

Studiolum dijo...

…and a little bit above a photo of Woody Guthrie, remembered at Río Wang a propos of King David whose images we photographed in the abandoned graveyard of Lesko and whose song we found in a Yiddish book of poems in Galicia, on the way to Schulz’s Drohobycz…

Doors never open to offtopics.

tristan dijo...

just discovered you via wood's lot and like what i've found ... thanx

Studiolum dijo...

Thanks a lot… and you’re invited to go on with the experiment!