Guest Authors

Our friends and readers whom we managed to convince to write a post about a good idea for río Wang.
You are also welcome.


Yanks meet Reds (es)
A year of solitude
European Vision
Santiago de Baku (az es it)
Return of Novruz (az)
Katyusa (az ru)
Torch of Enlightment from the Land of Fire (az)
Autumn in Baku (az)

Catherine Darley

Armenian Iran: New Julfa (fr)
Armenian Iran: from Tabriz to Jolfa (fr it de)
In search of Adolf Guttmann. 3. Marriages (fr)
In search of Adolf Guttmann. 2. Towards fortune (fr)
In search of Adolf Guttmann. 1. A survey (fr)
Monasteries in Kosovo (fr)
Fires (fr it de)
Hidden to the world (fr es it de)
To Mecca via Paris (fr it de)
Facing the sea (fr it de)
Postcard with unknown children (fr it de)
Revolutionary propaganda (it de)
Behind high walls (fr)
Alexander Roinashvili, traveler and ethnographer (fr)
Persian afternoon (fr it de)
30 (and more) reasons to visit Iran (fr)
Armenia – stops, movement, colors (fr)
From the water to the Sahara (fr)
On the roads, reading (fr)
There it is, in so many places (fr)
Hands (fr)
Astrolabes, astronomers, observatories (fr)
The strange foreigner (fr)
Drawing the time: all a meridian can measure (fr)
Winterreise (fr)
Father – and father (fr de)
The exiled (fr de)
A city in-between (fr)
A page from an album (fr de)
Alexander Roinashvili, photographer (fr de)
Behind the facades of Tiflis (fr)
On the Georgian military road (fr)
Letter from Georgia (fr)
Ghosts (2) – Spirits (fr)
Ghosts (1) – Shadows (fr)
The taste of traveling, 1905 (fr)
Le voyageur cartographe
Four essays on Galicia (fr)

Cinzia Robbiano
• occhimentecuore

Eviction is sweet in Pitigliano (it de)
Sardinia 1959 – Azerbaijan 2015 (it de)
Sardinia 1959. Carlo Bavagnoli: Africa at home (it de)
The Azerbaijani girls and the dream wedding (it de)

Deák Tamás

As long as the world is running
But who is that Hittler? (it de)
All that is important
L-Po (Lisbon, Portugal)
The last day at school (it de)
Landscape without people (it de)
And now you investigate! (de)
The guide
The swift water of Cheremosh
Cernăuți, 1939 – Черновиц, 1940
Return of saints (pl)
I have weighed everything
Pictures cut
“Very rare video”
Change of government
Dissolving: Grandpa and Wilhelm Miklas
Dissolving: Muzhik
Filomena Moretti
“The party is on” – The lost Warsaw (pl)
“I Even met Happy Gypsies”
Wind from the East (pl)


A midsummer day’s dream (it ru)
The Via dei Falegnami (it)
Frescoes rediscovered (it)
Who was Essad Bey? (it es az)


Pink postcards 1 (it de) 2 (it de) 3 (it) 4 5 6
A Threepenny Program (it de)
Edge of the Old World
Magic lantern
Side and reverse
Scout cards
The pyramids of Nubia

• buchi nella sabbia

Dear Sirs
Pictures from the box (it)
A piece of history (it)
A bor (it)

• tutajos gallery

Armenian pictures, 1977 (it de)

• utazások fotográfiában

A history of two statues

Hortus Carmeli
• terápia online

Gelati, royal monastery
Steglitz, Saturday morning
The sea
Sunday morning
The Battery Gardens
Kerchiefs, kerchiefs, kerchiefs
One year of garden
Azeri socks
Sursum corda
Clematis sociology 2. Uno Kivistik, Estonia, Mikhail Ivanovich Orlov, Ukraine
Clematis sociology 1. Stefan Franczak S.J., Poland
Kassa, Main street 1.
A Long March

Idegen Toll

Could have been the Poles allies of Hitler?

Jacopo Miglioranzi

The sea in Zahesi (it de)
A Midsummer Night’s Dream (it de)
The “Martyrdom of St. Abo” by Ioane Sabanisdze (it)
Polaroids of Rabati (it de)
Tamaroba / თამარობა (it)
Saint Nino and the mystic light (it)
Between ritual and theater: the berikaoba (es it de)
Musa Dagh, the mountain of resistance (it de)
I’ll cross the sea by swimming (it de)
Georgian Jews. History of a diaspora (es it de)

• meliora latent

Druth (es)
Buenos Aires 1932 (es)
The mimosa tree (es)
Flowers from (for) Chile (es)
Exemplum (es)
Patagonian Don Quixotes (es)
All aboard (es)
Horacio Molina and the tango (es)
Buenos Aires for Wang Wei (es)
Cacti (es)
Mercedes Sosa (es)
Sisters (es)
Decollete blondes are more touching (es)
Readings (es)
Music of our childhood (es)
Divagaciones sobre unas reflexiones intempestivas
The zorzal (es)
The cats of Buenos Aires (es)
Aristophanes’ speech (es)

Kálmán Dániel

False friend (es it de)
Synagogue under the ground
Ghost sea (it de)
Turkish Coffee Evenings (it de)
Persian travel sketches
Dissolving: The wild boar
All Souls’ Day
Mutations (it de)
Colonial (it de)

Két Sheng

Doomsday in Vienna (es)
Crossroads (it de)
To the Holy Land without Baedeker, 1916-1918 (de)
Don vs. Sinai (de)
Tekeháza, Jewish cemetery
Lemberg: the fifth grave of the hero of Gaza
Hungarian soldiers in Denmark
He spreads the snow like wool (es)
A new Hungarian relic from the Holy Land
A question
Lesko, Jewish cemetery
Our troops standing at Gaza!
The cantors of Kipnis
More golden apples
The rooster is crowing for the second time
When will that be? (de)


To know a city
It’s raining

Lloyd Dunn
• nula

Winter Music (it de)
Road to Xinaliq
Shepherd (it de)
A long road to Ushguli (es it de)
Marks in Tbilisi (es it de)
Marshrutka (it de)
A lucky journey (it de)
Pune encounters (it de)
Peths of Pune (it de)
Crows (es it de)
The ghost fiddler
Fragments of a journey
Autumn in Wrocław (it de)
Under Vyšehrad (it de)
Bird calls
Colossus (it)
Referendum (it de)
Bread (it de)
30,000 kilometers (it de cz)
A bridge in winter (it de)
Evening falls in Holešovice
The road to Chufut-Kale (es it de)
Artavazd Pelechian: from Начало to Конец, and Beyond
Comrade, life does not have to be so gray (it)
A tale of meridians

• plant a tree

Sunday best
Gingerbread houses in the whispering pines (de)
Signs (it de)
Cutting all trees (it)
In a glass of water (de)
Time loop (de)
Genuine Pearl (de)
The gift of the magi (de)
Gyöngyösi Street (de)
Chinese brick
Dissolving: the future behind a veil
Whom does it hurt
Night blue
Ant marries
The Joys of Yinglish

• tango links & lists

Chamuyo de gotán: time travel through tango history with the lyrics of its songs
So that’s why “Poema” is hard to fit into a tanda…
Neu-Braunfels, Texas, and its genetic secret
A language hunter, a legend hunter (it de ru)
The lost art of punch card decoders (ru)
Kiki, Bouba and the contours of tango (ru es)
The Mystery of Verdemar (ru es)
How clear was the world! How it opened up! (ru)


Seventh district (it de)
Ghost palace (it de)

• Nagy Háború

Krampus on the front

• graner

Lighthouse of the revolution (ru)
The last Hungarian-Turkish war
In the old chocolate factory

Szávoszt-Vass Dániel
• Dunai SzigetekPangea

Plethon’s tombstone
The Moravians, who said no to Czechoslovakia (it de)

Szkuklik Dóra

Captain Ostapenko’s statue


Gulistan (it de)
Circular Time
The Cemetery that Disappeared
Twelve Views of Mount Fuji
Armenian Apostolic Church of St. Gregory the Illuminator in Singapore
Lieutenant Wladimir Astafiew (ru)
Pirate, privateer or freebooter? (es)

Studiolum (host)

the rest

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