I remember that in the course of a field survey in Usbekistan Antonioni gave to three elderly Muslims the polaroid pictures he had taken of them. The eldest one, as soon as he took a glance at the photos, immediately returned them with these words: “What is it good for, to stop the time?”

«Cada foto es un recuerdo y nada nos hace más conscientes de la fragilidad del tiempo, de su carácter fugaz y perecedero. Así que cada vez que abro mi cámara siento la alegría de que ahora detengo el tiempo, y también la tristeza, porque después en mis manos solo quedará un pedazo de papel»
(Ryszard Kapuściński: Desde África)

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Studiolum dijo...

On the Hungarian version I was asked about my opinion on the introductory koan of the old Muslim, and thus on the usefulness or uselessness of photos.

Well, I used to love to take photos since I was a teenager. Then I stopped doing it, precisely because I also said to myself: time should not be stopped. Time should be lived. And since I have discovered that time can be also shared through images, I resumed taking photos again.