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Las apocalípticas fotos de los incendios en Rusia nos han recordado el Moscú (y algunas otras ciudades americanas) post-apocalíptico que representan los paisajes de Vladimir Manyuhin y que esta pasada primavera se difundieron de manera contagiosa por las redes rusas. Os recomendamos ampliarlas. En su mayoría reproducen lugares claramente identificables de Moscú, y prueban la fuerza con que se ha desarrollado una nueva estética de las ruinas durante la pasada década. Hoy no podemos dejar de verlas con una perspectiva del todo nueva.The apocalyptic photos of the fire in Russia call to mind the post-apocalyptic Moscow (and some American) cityscapes by Vladimir Manyuhin which in this spring spread over the Russian net as wildfire. You are recommended to enlarge them. Most of them represent well identifiable sites in Moscow, and it demonstrates the force of the new ruin aesthetics of the last decade with how fresh eyes we can look at them in this way.

Spring • Primavera

summer • verano

autumn • otoño

winter • invierno.

Day • Día

and night • y noche.

Sunrise in Moscow, August 8, 2010. From the Telegraph.
Amanecer en Moscú, 8 de agosto de 2010. Del Telegraph.

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david lawton dijo...

interesting, there is what looks like a mistake in the summer picture, there is an extra tower on the left building?

Studiolum dijo...

That’s really interesting. Not the fact that the tower is there on the image – it is in fact a part of the real Kremlin as you can see on the collage where Melnyukov himself explains how he composed the montage. But the fact that it is missing from the other three ones. I can imagine that in his intention this was the starting picture of the four seasons, and as this tower fell down by the end of the summer (you can see that it is close to falling) therefore it does not figure on the other pictures.

Anónimo dijo...

Stunning pictures!

robrandall dijo...

Great Pictures! I like this postapocalyptic subway...