Igor Podgorny: On the path of the fire in the Volgograd oblast

“Dov’è gran fuoco, è gran fumo”, where there is great fire, there is also great smoke, asserts Paolo Giovio in the motto of the emblem of Odet de Foix. His wisdom is well illustrated by the pictures published in last month about Russian cities, from which we have also published some here and here. At the peak of the fires, on August 6 the Photopolygon portal announced a “flash competition” with the title Лето и дым, “Summer and smoke”. We have browsed among the photos received.

Liza Zhitskaya: The Moscow river seen from the Crimean Bridge. – This photo recalls
the opening picture of the Chongqing series. The smoke renders these images
the same lyrical as the vapor of the Yangtze does those ones.

Vasily Maksimov: Zamoskvoreche

Dima Zverev: Moscow, canal

Maks Isatov: In the bakcground you can not see the Ostankino tower

Elena Chernishova

Kaprov: The town of Serpuhov

Sergo Ordzhonikidze: Michurin Alley

Kira Vigrivach

Elena Ignateva: Swallows

Sergo Ordzhonikidze

Dima Zverev: Metro ticket office


Dima Zverev: You can look at the Sun

Dima Zverev: Darkness at noon

Daniil Litvinenko: Saint Basil’s Cathedral

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