After elections

“You’ve been fucked!” – The night of the elections in Moscow and the next morning in Yekaterinburg.

Once we have published the funny pictures of the Russian elections, it is now fair to publish some of the less funny post-elections ones as well. Of these there has been a wide selection in the past two days on the Russian web. The following photos are only random choices; you should click on the links to the full series to get an impression on the mood of these two days in Moscow.

On 5 and 6 several thousands of people march in protest – first to the triple metro station Chistye prudy, and later to the Triumphal Square – against the fraudulent elections (a second and a third series). The label of the board: “The swindlers and thieves have stolen the votes!” This paraphrase of the ruling United Russia party has been spreading since the beginning of the year. The slogan “United Russia – the party of swindlers and thieves” has been coined by Alexei Navalny, one of the leaders of the opposition, who was also present at the protest, and was also arrested, as shown in the photos.

The pro-Putin “Young Guard”, also known as “Nashi” (“Our men”), or as the opposition calls them, the “Nascists” also march in feast with drums, flags, portraits of Medvedev, “Victory is ours” badges. Some more series here, here or here, a short video here.

The manifestation, interspersed with occasional clashes, came to an end with arrests today at dawn. More than five hundred people have been taken away, including almost all the opposition leaders. The protest continues on Saturday. Meanwhile Putin, almost imperceptibly, presented his third candidature for the presidential elections in next spring.

The balance of the night

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