A new day in the Crimea

“How does the new day start in the Crimea?”

“The sun, like the man, wakes up reluctantly. It looks around, one eye open. Then it closes it again for a few moments, until it eventually decides to come out…”

“…from the sea, like from under the blanket, which holds it back.”

“The moment of parting the water. I love to photograph this moment, when it seems as if the sun were followed by another sun… but no, it’s just a few seconds of an optical game.”

“Emerging from the sea, the sun slowly rises above the increasingly louder cries of the seagulls. The magic colors slowly disappear, to return at dusk again.
A new, ordinary day begins in the Crimea.”

Photos and text of this morning by Sergei Anashkevich

2 comentarios:

No\Deli dijo...

If you look very, very closely at those photos, you can see the puppet strings as your sun is hoisted into the sky.

And what looks like a rocky outcropping at the right of the frame is actually the steel-reinforced toe of a military boot.

Such is your 'new day'.


Studiolum dijo...

Fortunately the sun does not bother with it. It rises on the evil and the good, as it has been doing for quite a long while. This offers a reassuring perspective.