Dissolving: The snake

Luciano Ramo: Attention, the German snake is taken! We must now tear his fangs, Brescia, F.lli Geroldi 1916

Otto von Kursell: Down with Bolshevism! Bolshevism brings war and destruction, famine and death, 1919

The death of the lie, ca. 1932-1933. Labels: Marxism, Plutocracy

Sergei Igumnov: Let us destroy the spies and diversants, the Trockist-Bukharinist agents of Fascism, 1937.
(The confusing caption reflects the confusion of the official ideology. Although the serpent
bears a Nazi monocle, but the Germans are at this time potential, and then actual Soviet
allies. This is why they have to talk about other enemies in the caption: Trockists,
Bukharinists, or even Fascists, as Nazis are still referred to
in the post-Soviet world.)

Jean Carlu (1900-1997): World Day of Peace, 2 August 1936

John Heartfield (born Helmut Herzfeld, Bertold Brecht’s stage designer): We request the ban on nuclear weapons, 1955

We will overcome drunkenness! Soviet temperance poster, 1960s

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