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Fietsen - (Dutch) [v] ride a bicycle, cycle; [n] bicycle

Fietswinkel (Bicycle shop/corner)
Open Wednesday to Sunday from 3 pm to 9 pm
Second-hand bicycles: from 35 to 95 Euros
Kids bicycles: from 15 to 35 Euros
Repairs and replacements
Mahlowerstr. 9, Berlin/Neukölln
Fietswinkel (Officina/angolo della bicicletta)
Aperto da mercoledì a domenica dalle 15:00 alle 21:00
Biciclette usate: da 35 a 95 euro
Biciclette per bambini: da 15 a 35 euro
Riparazioni e sostituzioni
Mahlowerstr. 9, Berlino/Neukölln

3 comentarios:

VLR dijo...

Fietswinkel is not bicycle corner. Fietswinkel is Dutch for bicycle shop. (German Winkel = corner; Dutch winkel = shop).


Studiolum dijo...

Thanks a lot! We have corrected it. Nevertheless, we have also left the “corner” in the title as a Konnotation for the local German clients, as for them it also contributes to the atmosphere of the name.

francesca dijo...

Thank you for the correction!