The sea

Para entender mejor la oración de quietud, hagamos cuenta que vemos dos fuentes con dos pilas que se hinchen de agua. Que no me hallo cosa más a propósito para declarar algunas de espíritu que esto de agua; y es, como sé poco y el ingenio no ayuda y soy tan amiga de este elemento, que le he mirado con más advertencia que otras cosas.To better understand the prayer of quiet, let us imagine that we see two fountains with two basins that are filled with water. In fact, I do not find anything more fitting to explain certain spiritual things than water, as I know too little, and I am such a great friend of this element which I have always watched with much more attention than any other thing.

Saint Teresa of Avila: Las Moradas – The Interior Castle, 4.2.2.

The statue of Saint Teresa in front of her house of birth in Avila
on the cover of the Hungarian translation of her chief work, published today.
The translation of her Autobiography is to be expected for Christmas

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