Prague Quiz

“In vain we had experienced guides who have been many times to Prague”, writes antenario in her photo blog, “once I was lost. I do not know where I was, neither the name of most of the places. But it was beautiful everywhere. Prague is enchanting.”

An overview of these photos recalled special memories in me. I regularly went to Prague from the mid-eighties, and in the early 90s I worked for months in the Czech National Gallery. It was then that I really got to know this city which was just awaking from its Sleeping Beauty dream. In the past ten years I often went to Bohemia, but rarely to Prague. Therefore at the sight of these photos I have the same feeling as if looking at the photo montages of modern Petersburg and Leningrad of the Blockade. Every building stands there, but nothing is the same any more.

So we invite to a game our readers, who, we know well, are lovers of Prague. Please help antenario, a fragile woman, you as strong men/women and experts of the place. Tell us which image where was exactly taken. And also which gallery, shop and never-heard-of beer pub what was earlier and which memories you have of them. Our ex-Czechoslovakian and Prague readers can participate as well. Although they have a comparative advantage, but at the same time they are also depositories of the most authentic memories. We will mark every correctly defined place on the following 1910 map of Prague. And as an incentive, once you have successfully localized all sixteen places, we will also post the complete map in full size and high resolution

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alfaqui dijo...

I've only been to Prague twice and still it is one of my favourite cities. I have to go for the easiest. I remember the mural of Saint Wenceslas very distinctly. It is on a corner of the Old Town Square. Google Maps confirms my mind map this time indeed it can be seen on the left when one arrives into the square by a street called Celetná (I must confess: the name of the street I didn't know).


Studiolum dijo...

Thank you, alfanje! Yes, that fresco has been a landmark to me as well. The house was built for one of the most distinguished book publishers in old Prague, and accidentally the upper part of Celetná was a street of second hand bookshops at the time I lived there (not any more).

Now, within 24 hours after the publication, we have already three spots identified. Not bad! Let’s go on.