It is always a great honor, when Language Hat, the host of the world’s finest linguistics forum refers to the Poemas del Río Wang. Like yesterday, when he quoted from the translation of Hafez’s love letter. A cardinal point of the letter is where Hafez turns to the doctor with his complaints of love. In the commentaries Grumbly Stu has collected some further occurrences of the topos in modern pop music from Bob Dylan to the Young Rascals. We would also like to contribute to his collection with the most beautiful example known to us. The Trabzon singer Sefa Topsakal, the new star of Turkish pop published in the last year her first album entitled Doktor, whose title song, drawing on Turkish folk songs, is still a huge success in Turkey.

Doktor. Title song of the album Doktor (2011) (here’s the video of a rehearsal)

çaresiz derdimin sebebi belli
dermanı yaramda arama doktor
şifa bulmaz gönlüm senin elinden
boşuna benimle uğraşma doktor

aşk yarasıdır bu ilaç kapatmaz
verdiğin teselli beni avutmaz
dermanı yardadır sende bulunmaz
boşuna benimle uğraşma doktor

dokunma, dokunma
benim gönül yarama
dokunma doktor

bedenimde değil kalbimde derdim
tek alışkanlığım bir zalim sevdim
sen çekil yanımdan sevdiğim gelsin
boşuna zamanı tüketme doktor
the reason of my incurable disease is obvious
don’t look for remedy to my wound, doctor
my heart cannot be healed by your hands
do not struggle with me in vain, doctor

no drug is useful for the wound of love
the solace you offer does not console me
you have no power to help, only he
do not struggle with me in vain, doctor

do not touch, do not touch
the wound of my heart
do not touch, doctor

in the heart, not in the body is my disease
my addiction is to love a cruel one
just leave me alone, let my beloved come
do not waste your time in vain, doctor

This disease is common in Hungary, too. Dr. Marguerite has just proposed the following illuminative case study from her practice. The duet of Félix Lajkó and Magdi Rúzsa, both Hungarians from Serbia’s northern Vojvodina region, play incredibly well together. Already in their previous video, They even say… it was obvious how well Félix’s autistic obsession and Magdi’s passion, restrained but always ready to explode, complement each other.

lassan, kocsis, hogy a kocsi ne rázzon
hogy a babám gyönge szíve ne fájjon
nincs az úton se patika, se gyógyszer, se orvos
babám gyógyít, nem a katonaorvos

beteg vagyok, a szerelem betege
két fekete szemmel vagyok megverve
két fekete szemmel vagyok megverve, megverve
nem gyógyít meg, csak a babám szerelme
slowly, coachman, let the wagon not shake
let the weak heart of my sweetheart not hurt
there is no pharmacy, no medicine, no doctor on the way
my sweetheart heals me, not the military doctor

I am sick, I’m sick of love
I am afflicted by a pair of black eyes
I am afflicted, afflicted by a pair of black eyes
nobody heals me but the love of my sweetheart

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francesca dijo...

Mi sprezza il sergente, mi burla l'ingrata,
zimbello alla gente mi fa la spietata.
L'oppresso mio core più speme non ha.
Dottore! Dottore!
Soccorso! Pietà.

L'elisir d'amore
musica di Gaetano Donizetti
libretto di Felice Romani

Studiolum dijo...

musica pop di un’epoca passata

francesca dijo...

Il cinema di una volta, in realtà.