New Year in Odessa

“They say, Odessa is not just a city, Odessa is the smile of God” – begins his photo essay Alexander Belenkiy. – “Yesterday, on the last day of the year I arrived here for the second time in my life. This city is absolutely not similar to any cities of the Black Sea, to any other cities of the Ukraine. It is simply impossible to render its atmosphere on photos” – and you should know that Alexander is one of the best Russian photo bloggers. – “Most photos of Odessa show you a neglected, decaying, depressing city… but in the reality there is something vibrating in the air, which fascinates you and makes you fall in love with the city. Even now, in winter.

In a small street I was taking photos of the statue on the other side of the road. The tram stopped and waited until I got ready with the photo. The driver smiled at me and moved on. At the zebra crossing a policeman was standing with a bucket in the hand. I slowed down and winked to him – go on! The policeman winked back and raised his hand – go on! And on the market they gave me a cake. Just like that.

This is my New Year’s present. Images from the streets and courtyards of Odessa.”

Old Freeport Street

“Black is not grey”

“White Lily Barbershop”

“Shoe Repair”

“Happy New Year!”

“Odessa is not just a city – Odessa is the smile of God”

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languagehat dijo...

Wonderful photos (and impressive cats); they will be an excellent accompaniment to one of the books I got for Christmas, Odessa: Genius and Death in a City of Dreams by Charles King.

Studiolum dijo...

Yes, I’ve read about it on the list of your Christmas loot. I did not know about it, but I must read it too, as in this summer we prepare to make a grand tour in Odessa and Crimea.

Anónimo dijo...

Thank you for a peek into a world I have not as of yet, visited. Stellar kitties too!

Studiolum dijo...

Russian cats rule!

Effe dijo...

a new and an ancient world all together.
Thank you, Studiolum, you gave us a very special gift
(now I'm going to sing, by changing just a few words, Take me to the Black Sea, or Odessa on my mind)