Perhaps our readers still remember that some three years ago we wrote several times – here, here and here – about the manuscript legacy of the great Hungarian poet and holocaust victim Miklós Radnóti, which was donated to the Manuscript Department of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences by his widow Fanni Gyarmathi, who recently – on this 8th of September – celebrated her 100th birthday. The legacy was cataloged by the staff member – since then Director – of the Department Antal Babus, and its website was composed by us from the material photographed by Klára Láng.

Fortunately others also remember all this. Just a week ago we were invited to take part in the festival and conference of the Hungarian Association of Content Providers in Balatonfüred, on the twelfth distribution of awards to the best Hungarian websites. But it turned out only in the evening prize-giving that our website was given the special award “Outstanding Digital Content”.

We are of course very happy of the award. Beyond the gratifying feeling of being recognized, also because we were perhaps the only participant who did not subscribe to the contest ourselves, but were selected by the judges. And also because this recognition may give impetus to the Academy Library to continue, in one way or another, the digitization of the special collections, of which thirteen were published by us until the government drastically froze the resources of the culture and, within it, of the Library.

Endre Ady: Confession on patriotism“O poet, live in purity now…”: Miklós Radnóti was born a century ago
Scientia Spatii: The János Bolyai homepage of the Library of the Hungarian Academy of SciencesAlexander Csoma de Kőrös, founder of Tibetan Studies and his legacy in the Oriental Collection of the Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
The mysterious printer Ibrahim Müteferrika and the beginnings of Turkish book printing: Incunabula from Istanbul in the LHAS Oriental CollectionHidden treasures of the Silk Road: Aurel Stein and the Caves of the Thousand Buddhas
Alexander Kégl (1862–1920): A polymath of Oriental Studies and his collectionFascinated by the Orient: Aurel Stein (1862–1943)
Dávid Kaufmann and his collection of medieval Hebrew manuscripts in the Oriental Collection of the Library of the Hungarian Academy of SciencesGróf Teleki József (1790–1855)
The Album amicorum of the European peregrination of Franciscus Páriz Pápai (1711–1726)Ludovicus Carbo: De divi Mathiae regis laudibus rebusque gestis dialogus
Poetry and reality: The Lőrinc Szabó Website of the Lőrinc Szabó Research Institute of the Miskolc University and of the Library of the LHAS

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Congratulations -- a well-deserved award!

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Optime, Studiolum!

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Taking my hat and joining congratulations by languagehat. "Poemas del Rio Wang"dan görək :)