A page from an album

Family album:
Alba, 1867
Hong Kong, 1897
Marseille, 1900
Paris, 1904
Valenciennes, 1918
Buenos Aires, 1930
From an old family album, from which we will publish a few more pages. He who composed it lived his life with humor and affection. He was an Italian, born in Alba in the Langhe, in the 1860s. He left for Bangkok as a military instructor of the Siamese army. I imagine him as the heros of Conrad’s The Shadow Line, somewhere between Singapore and Shanghai, before joining the Filipino insurgents.

He loved to posture so much, like in this picture, on the side of a friend, both dressed Chinese, in the Po-Chou studio of Hong Kong in 1897. He wears his embroidered slippers with the same nonchalance as he wore his boots. His friend wears a long braid and holds a pipe, they both have fans and round caps – but does anyone have any idea what he might be holding in the left hand?

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Effe dijo...

so what?

Studiolum dijo...

Karcsi, a Hungarian conservator wrote in the Hungarian version:

When I worked in the Hopp Ferenc Eastern Asian Museum, I saw such thing in the storage. I think it is a water pipe, for which I have also found references:

Daniel Johnson dijo...

It is an opium pipe ...