Dubious quality

The post planned for this morning is still lingering on my computer which does not start. I have to  save my data and reinstall it. Instead, let me share a spontaneous praise received this morning by the Poemas del río Wang on the Dubious Quality blog:

Josh Eaves sent me a link to a terrific and interesting website called Poemas del río Wang, but I’ll be damned if I can really explain what it covers. Mainly, there are loads of beautiful photographs of both contemporay Russia and the Communist-era Soviet Union, but there's quite a lot more as well.

The reference to the Russian photos only means that Bill Harris is just scanning this part of the elephant: a month ago he would have probably seen it mainly as a Spanish travel blog. And in the inspiring space of computerlessness I also wonder whether I can explain what it covers.

2 comentarios:

maria dijo...

I've been your reader for a few weeks now and to me Poemas del rio Wang is mostly a piece of superb storytelling, both engaging and informative, I feel I actually learn a lot here. And your choice of photographs is excellent as well!

Studiolum dijo...

Thank you, Maria! Yes, that is the right word I was looking for: storytelling. That’s a good key to Río Wang.

How peculiar, just now I recall that in one of the first classes of art history at the university we were required to define what the job of the historian was, and I answered “to tell good stories”. And I still think so.