Istanbul’s secrets

I originally intended to post this call with the title “Tell me a secret”, but then I thought that with the city’s name in the title it would raise more the attention of the target audience: the inhabitants and lovers of Istanbul.

Next week I will go for a few days to the City – eis tan Polin – and I want to ask you to write me about the places that are close to you and you would recommend to me: a hidden little square or courtyard, an old cemetery, a passage, a nice walk from A to B, a café with old Ottoman photographs on the wall, a good bookshop, an eating-house, a closed church and where the key is kept, a place to sit down, a ferry or a tram service to go from terminus to terminus.

From Istanbul I continue my way to Azerbaijan to celebrate Noruz, the spring holiday – the traditional New Year’s feast in the former Persian empire –, and I ask the same question of our readers being or having been there.

As I do not know yet how I will be provided with internet, content provision will be probably also intermittent. I hope I will have the more to tell after I sit back to where I’m sitting right now.

2 comentarios:

Araz dijo...

Great news, Studiolum! I keep all my secrets till our meeting, but can only say that you will be provided by internet at our apartment. We very much look forward to hosting you in Azerbaijan.

Anónimo dijo...

So jealous of you! :) Hope you have a great time in Constantinople and a great Norouz celebration!

My favorite Istanbul secret (not so secretive) is the hamam I mention in the post I wrote about photography in Istanbul But the rest are not really secrets, I am afraid, but well known truths... and stereotypes.

Would you please share some of your own Istanbul secrets when you come back? Please :)