In vain I try to post the first photos: Río Wang is unavailable in Istanbul. Instead, this message appears in large red letters: “Bu siteye erişim mahkeme kararıyla engellenmiştir.” – “This site was disabled by court decision.”

I try to recall when could I have interfered with the Turkish court, but nothing comes to mind. I relax a little bit only when I see that for every other Blogspot.com blog the same message comes in. Then with a search it turns out that it was the Digiturk channel TV who reached this sentence at the court of the South-Eastern Turkish city of Diyarbakir. They, in fact, have a monopoly for broadcasting the Turkish football league games, and they were bothered by the pirate videos uploaded to Blogger and YouTube. So, as a result of the judgment of the wise kadis, now the complete Blogger and YouTube is unavailable in Turkey. And what is more, even in Georgia, which receives the internet service from the Turkish network, although they probably did not find that much pleasure in the pirate videos of the Turkish football league. But it also becomes obvious that such sentences are easily distributed in Turkey: the prolific Islamic author widely known under the pen name of Harun Yahya recently managed to have a court ban on the whole WordPress in all Turkey because of some negative blog posts on creationism.

After an examination of conscience I admit that we are imposed by this sentence with a reason, for with the live report on the Liverpool-Beşiktaş league game we have seriously infringed the monopoly of Digiturk. The less considerate Turkish bloggers, however, have already launched a campaign with the title “Bloguma dokunma” (“Hands off my blog!”). I just do not understand: while I cannot even read back what I have just written, how come there are still so many Turkish visitors to the blog?

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