The battle of Blosdorf

The commanders of the Tsar’s army held a last survey over their forces, and then, led by the mountain rifles of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, they marched to the monument of the Austro-Hungarian soldiers fallen between 1914 and 1918. Having saluted before the memory of the heroes, the Russian troops marched in orderly procession to the battle field and took their positions in the trenches. The lined-up Austro-Hungarian infantry opened fire, and their commander conducted assault with his sword. The Russian defenders heroically resisted, but the attack, supported by air power, finally swept them away. After a half-hour long terrible near combat, the Russian positions were in Austro-Hungarian hands. The wounded were taken care in the hospital tents of the two armies, and the survivors marched to the canteen to drink Moravian beer and to send from the field post the postcards which on that day were officially stamped with an Austro-Hungarian stamp: “I’m healthy and feel well. Many kisses from the front.”

Thus ended the battle in the Moravian Blosdorf, that is, Mladějov na Moravě, already for the twelfth time. The great-grandchildren of the former enemies coming from many countries organize in every year in the first half of August, with period equipments and weapons the battle, at a distance of five hundred kilometers and one hundred years from the similar ones among the mountains of Galicia. Besides the canteen and field post, there is also a sale of books and military equipments, presentations of artillery and double-deckers, a journey round the battle field by steam train, and finally a ceremonial distribution of camp memorials. On this year’s clash you can see a rich photo series and two galleries, reminiscent of the vintage war photographies, on the blog of Reibert from Kiev. Next year we also should be there.

On the battle of Blosdorf in the previous year you can see good photos on Shaf’s blog in two parts, here and here.

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