Dissolving: October trains

Poorly managed braking on the Western Railway Station in Paris (next to the Eiffel Tower) on 22 October 1895

Poorly managed shunting on the Western Railway Station in Budapest (built by the Eiffel Company) on 4 October 1962

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Studiolum dijo...

Just an hour after the publication, Tamás Deák, a reader of the Hungarian version has sent a period article which indicates that in the 1962 accident it was his grandfather Károly Deák, portier of the railway station, who saved the lives of the people standing in the way of the train, by shouting them away just in time. This is why in the otherwise populated station there was no casualty.

Studiolum dijo...

and he also sent a video link on a similar accident in the Eastern Railway Station in Budapest in 1940.

TT dijo...

Oh wow what a disaster.