The theme is laying on the street

22 October 1895 on the Gare Montparnasse in Paris, see the previous and the next post.

- Can you take photos?
- I can.
- And why do not you carry a camera?
- Because I have no camera – was the honest and clear answer.
- But if you had one, you would take pictures with it? – the sergeant asked.
- If my granny had wheels… – Švejk said simply, and calmly looked into the sergeant’s scanning eyes. The sergeant had just another twinge of pain in the head, so he could not figure out any question but this:
- Is it difficult to take photos of railway stations?
- It is easier than anything else – Švejk said –, because it does not move. The station always stands on its place, and you do not have to remind it that you want a friendly face…”

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Effe dijo...

Uh, Hašek! thank you Studiolum, I am always glad to read one of the three great Praga writers (Hašek, Hrabal and Kafka, of course).
And, well, they teach us that railway stations are not such a safety place, think to Hrabal's Treni strettamente sorvegliati, "Ostre sledované vlaky", I think)