I would not upload these pictures if I had no dogs and I did not know too well this well-bred, sure in its portion, yet wistful look. In the center of the Galapagos Islands, on the fish market of Puerto Ayora everyone has his portion, people, seals, pelicans and dogs alike, in this order. Understandably, in one of the world’s most protected bioreserves they do not leave to stray cats to clear away fish heads and guts, such as in Italian fish markets. The division of labor and cooperation is really touching. Nobody elbows his way, no one employs racial discrimination, everyone waits for his turn.

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_ dijo...

correction: one of the world’s most protected bioreserveS

Studiolum dijo...

Thank you for the correction, and I’m also grateful for it in the future. As this blog is written by a non-native English speaker who spent only a few weeks in English-speaking countries, I am sincerely happy if this is the most disturbing mistake in it and the message nevertheless comes through.