omnis mundi creatura
quasi liber et pictura
nobis est et speculum

each creature of this world
is a picture and a word
and a true mirror to us

Alanus ab Insulis

God’s zoo
A zoo in my luggage

the bird
Space for flying
God-bird 1
God-bird 2
God-bird 3
Chinese magpies
More Chinese magpies
Persian thrust in Budapest
Armenian bird in Venice
Canari bird in London
Owl above the olive trees
Waiting for you, comrade bird
The birds of the air

the nightingale
Sephardic nightingales
Singing for the second time
Singing for the third time
The prisoner’s romance
The zorzal
Morning bird

the rooster
The rooster is crowing
Crowing for the second time

the crow
Grow a crow

the dove
Urban dove in Prague

the butterfly
Heavenly and earthly love

the tiger
Tiger’s Year in Budapest
Paper tiger
Tigers in Berlin

the twelve animals
The great circle of time
Circular time
the dog
Dogs of God
The Trastevere’s dog
Lupus in tabula
Dogs of Sant Antoni
Dog-headed Saint Christopher
Sailor dogs
Semiramis’ dogs
Estonian military dogs
Dog on board
Frat dogs of Istanbul
Double-tailed dogs in Palma

the bear
Bear cub
Bear hunting
Hunter’s equipment
The bear fires back
Bear ceremony in Moscow
Wandering bear
The Bear King
Little and Great Bear
Wine to the Two Bears
The two envious bear cubs
The Hungarian and his bear
Bears are very good Turks
Bear cave
Fox Tale

the lion
The educated lion
Lioness in Odesa
The lion’s tail
Double-tailed lion

and the lamb
Agnus Dei

goats of the world!
Mallorca, West
Mallorca, North
Mallorca, South
The Holy Land
The Goat Island

the donkey

the monkey
Monkey’s love
Kill King Kong!
Bruegel’s two monkeys

the fox
Fox Tale
The fox and the cheese
The fox and the mouse
the cat
Hero cats of Leningrad
The Muromtsev Dacha
Cat funerals
Chinese cats
Cats in Mallorca
Cat in Cantabria
Argentine cats
The Cat Bride
Man with a Cat
The wind-swept spirit
The planet of cats

the rabbit
Rabbit in the moon
Year of the rabbit

the elephant
Czech elephant
Chinese elephant
Argentine elephant
Portuguese elephant
Nazi elephant

the rhinoceros
0. Rhinocerology
1. The Pope’s rhinoceros
2. Rhino on the reverse
3. The first litter
4. The truth suppressed
5. A distant relative

the dragon/snake/crocodile
Dragon invasion
Dragons in Tallinn
Hidden dragons
Terra Sancta
Dragon anatomy
Snake on political posters
Maiden-headed snakes
Shaun Tan’s dragon in Venice

the fish
Little and big fishes
The big fish
Bruegel’s big fish

the whale
Leviathan, or, The whale
St. Raphael the Whale-Slayer

the monster
Pantagruel’s monsters
The monster of Anatolia

the ant
Ant marries

the cricket/grasshopper
Like the cicada
Winter grasshoppers

the bug
Apotheosis of the bookworm

13 comentarios:

Julia dijo...

¡Qué zoológico completo han reunido en estos años!

Studiolum dijo...

¡Hemos, Julia, hemos!

Megkoronáz A.J.P. dijo...

Yes, thank you both. I'm going to be stuck here forever, though. You two don't care if I don't get any work done. I like that dragon, if you are going to eat a person you have to begin head first otherwise you can't get the legs to go down. And all the bears. And I love the dogs of God. And the crow, I love crows. That's as far as I got tonight.

Julia dijo...

AJP seems to have studied well how to eat people.

Megkoronáz dijo...

Another thing about that dragon is at least he/she removed the wrapping, I could never eat someone wearing, for instance, armour.

Studiolum dijo...

I’m sure you would if compelled by hunger. You would even find it tasty and nourishing.

Julia dijo...

No, Tamás, AJP es un sibarita.

Megkoronáz dijo...

Yes, there are limits. I won't eat metal.

Julia dijo...

Te terminamos haciendo caso con la gatita nueva.
Bueno, casi.
Mirá el nombre final:

Julia dijo...

(perdón, nunca sé poner enlaces aquí)

Julia dijo...

Anoche ¿por un sueño? vinieron a mi mente cocodrilos, lagartos y lagartijas (¡cosas tan extrañas pueblan mi cabeza!). Y pensé que tenía que prestarte mis lagartijas chilenas para este bestiario. Son sólo fotos, nothing fancy and interesting as your usual posts... But I think your lizards should be accompanied with these little cousins

Julia dijo...

Sumé otra bestia al zoológico.

Julia dijo...

Si se me permite la intromisión, les cuento que agregué otra más a mi colección. Saludos :-)