The Jewish heritage

We collected for the first time in a list the posts of Río Wang written on the Eastern European – and more distant – Jewish cultural heritage when, encouraged by the participants of the first Galician tour guided by us, we announced further excursions to the other sites of the region well known by us. This topic is so comprehensive and the number of the published and planned posts so large, that they already deserve a separate collective post.

We also plan to start here a list of the most important sites and blogs on the Jewish cultural heritage of the region. Any suggestions are welcome.

The Jewish heritage
at Río Wang:

The joys of Yiddish
The Joys of Yiddish and the three Jewish sisters
Yinglish shop label in New York, 1908
The holy tongue
Covarrubias and the roots of Spanish language (es)
The four letters of God (en)
The Kaufmann collection 1.
The Kaufmann collection 2.
Leviathans and archangels
The birth of Lilith
5772: old postcards for Rosh Hashanah
Who was Essad Bey? (es it az)
Rome, Via dei Falegnami (it)
Wandering melodies
The rooster is crowing, a Hasid song
The rooster is crowing for the second time
The nightingale is singing again (es)
Forgotten Jewish village music
The Rooster Has Crowed: Muzsikás 2012
The rooster is crowing in Georgia
A wandering melody from the Balkans
The Bella Ciao, a Klezmer song?
Sephardic songs
A Yiddish revolutionary poem and the Lenin Song
Holy Land
The ladder of the Holy Sepulchre Church
Snowfall in Jerusalem in reality…
…and on postcard
Our troops standing at Gaza!
Tantours (es)
The Jewish cemetery of Nagykónyi
Assorted wines in Síp street 15
Walks in the Jewish quarter
The medieval synagogues of Buda
Jewish cemetery in Salgótarjáni Street
Yellow-star houses
The yellow-star house of Macell Komor
“Jewish temples”. Relics of a golden age
The Jewish route of the wine of Tokaj
Jewish cemeteries in Slovakia
The synagogue in Banská Štiavnica
Reconstruction of Prague’s Jewish quarter
Jacob Bassevi, the Jew of three emperors
Březnice’s Renaissance Jewish quarter and cemetery
Jews in Nikolsburg
The Jewish cemetery in Třebíč
The synagogue of Hlutschin/Hulčín
Hitler’s grave in the Jewish cemetery of Bucharest (es)
Sighetul Marmației on the day of Elie Wiesel’s death
Russian Jews in Szabadka
A Hebrew sailor in Pula
The David star of the church of Bale
Sarajevo’s synagogues
Tekeháza/Теково, Jewish cemetery
Hasids under the Carpathian mountains
Jewish raftsmen
Kőrösmező, railway station and cemetery (es)
Artúr Blutreich from Kőrösmező
Saul Wahl, king for a night
The Jews of Malecz in WWI (es)
The Jews of Podhajce in WWI
The Jews of Kolomea greeting Emperor Charles I
The Galician Jews praying for the victory of Austria
Photos by Alter Kacyzne from pre-war Poland
Alter Kacyzne and József Rippl-Rónai
Roman Vishniac’s children photos (es)
From Słonim the roads lead everywhere in the world
Photos by Menachem Kipnis from pre-war Poland (es)
The cantors of Menachem Kipnis
The Al Capone of Tarnów
Photos by German soldiers from the ghettos of Warsaw and Lublin (es)
The massacres of Lubny and Baby Yar on German photos
The landscape of Belżec once and now
and now
Together in Galicia
A shtetl tour in Galicia
Traces of the Jews in Galicia (fr)
Four essays on Galicia (fr)
A Jewish heritage tour from Subcarpathia to Odessa
At the cradle of Galician Hasidism
Blessing in the Hassidic synagogue of Łańcut
Lesko, Sephardic synagogue (es)
Lesko, Jewish cemetery (es)
Jewish military cemetery in Zaklyczyn (es)
The memory of the Jews of Lublin
Memorial lamp in Lublin
Landscape of Belżec once and now
Drohobycz and the memory of Bruno Schulz (es)
Bruno Schulz’s frescoes in Drohobycz (it)
Bertold Schenkelbach’s photos from Drohobycz, 1930 (es)
New Year in Uman (es)
Uman in the Biblioteca d’Israele (it)
The Jewish monuments of Lwów
The Jewish suburb in Lwów (es it)
The empty places of mezuzahs (es)
A Yiddish shop label in Lwów
Jewish books in pre-war Lwów (es)
Janowska: the last functioning Nazi labor camp (es it)
The birth of the Tango of Death
Yiddish coffee left to right in Lemberg
Come with us to Lemberg! (es)
Further posts on Lwów
Burech Bendit
Purim in Czernowitz
The cemetery of Czernowitz
Jewish life in Odessa
Jewish literature in Odessa
Karaite synagogue in Simferopol
History of the Jews of Georgia
Mountain Jews in Azerbaijan (es)
Amulett against evil eye
Triangular front letter in the language of the Mountain Jews
Harran, city of Abraham
Urfa, Abraham’s birthplace
A Russian synagogue in an Istanbul han
The tomb of Queen Esther in Persia (es)
Persian Jewish manuscripts
The Jewish cave neighborhood in Tamdaght
Jewish soldiers in WWI. An exhibition in Vienna (es)
Juden raus. A children’s game from 1936
On the 75th anniversary of the Kristallnacht
Exhibition about the Kristallnacht
The Manili House in the ghetto of Rome (es)
Rome, Via dei Falegnami (it)
The Jewish community of Pitigliano, 16-20th c.
The Jewish quarter of Alghero, Sardinia, 1353-1492 (es)
The three synagogues of the concentration camp
The Jewish cemetery of Nice (fr)
Palma de Mallorca
The ancient Jewish quarter in Palma
The “clock of the Jews” on the facade of the town hall (es)
Ethiopian Jews in Wolleka
Leviathans and archangels
South Africa
Adolf Guttmann nyomában 1. 2. 3.
South America
A photo from Yazd on a Sephardic cover page

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